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With the 2nd round pick in the 1998 draft, the San Diego Chargers took the oversized WR out of Stephen F. As a rookie, Ricks caught 30 passes for 450 yards (a ridiculous 15 yards per catch! In his second year and as a full-time starter, Ricks caught more balls (40) for less yards (429) and less points (0 TDs). He was practically a taller version of Brandon Manumaleuna.

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The Coach Dick Tomey (De Pauw '64) completed his 14th year at Arizona (95-64-4) and 24th overall (158-110-7).

He did win the starting job and played two seasons with the Lions, but put up roughly the same pedestrian numbers he did as a Wide Receiver in San Diego.

For a second round pick, the Chargers were certainly expecting more.

Are we going to continue to rely on Jacques Cesaire on the defensive line? ) NT - Monster that can spell Jamal or be a force on either DE position and be groomed for taking over for JWall. (Draft Pick)Another guy that I think might be trade bait- Chambers. He filled in well when he had to, especially later in the year. Also, I agree about Forney being the unspoken option.

(High Draft Pick) MLB - Physical Linebacker that plays sideline to sideline (Free Agent) SS - Sure tackling, ballhawking Safety who is a leader (Free Agent? VJ has established himself, Floyd has shown he can get it done, the coaches have confidence in Naane obviously.... LT: Keeper Clary: Also up--but a decent backup, if nothing else, and cheap. Guess it comes down to whether he can find somewhere better. We'll know more when we find out who the new o-line coach will be, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Forney will be a huge bargain for what he can bring to the table as a starter next year.

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