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text and source: Today the Organization of Eurovision Party (Municipality of Setúbal and OGAE Portugal) gave a press conference at Lounge Café in Setúbal, the host city. The representative of the Municipality talked about the importance of the event in the city.

The president of OGAE talked about the expectations of this event, introduced all the artists and events related to Eurovision party next weekend andf also introduced the last artist, Carlos Costa, 3 place at Pop Idol Portugal 2009.

Russia’s Dima Bilan won Eurovision in 2008 with his R&B ballad “Believe”.

Slovakia’s Kristina Pelakova crashed out of the semi-finals in 2010 with her ethno-folk number “Horehronie”.

I do not like: insolence, aggression, hypocrisy, and ... What place do you you want to do on the "Factory of Stars - 5"?

Favorite artists: Whitney Houston, Lara Fabian, Toni Braxton, Lauryn Hill, Glory, Darina, Dima Bilan.

No, I must take an objective look at these efforts.

Answering some journalists, Carlos said he is devoted to ESC since he was a child. Julia sings six years, and professionally for four years. Julianna studies at the Institute of Contemporary Art and Culture in the music department, .In the end it was Christos Milordos to take the trophy with more than 11,000 votes.He was followed by Louis Panagiotou with almost 6,000 votes and Annita Skoutela with a bit over 4,000 votes.

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