Doctor advice reality dating shows

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So unless you really are as deep as a puddle, that means no mirror selfies or vest-lifting gym snaps.

Instead, get your abs out while surfing or show off your perfectly symmetrical face in a shot that also highlights your interests outside of the nightclub.

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Inspired By: , obviously Potential Spinoff: The real drama is always behind the scenes at a restaurant. Jennifer Arnold and, increasingly, their two children—Will, 5, and Zoey, 4Concept: A refreshingly normal, heartwarming Knollwood Village couple experience highs (two international adoptions) and lows (surgery, cancer).

We want a show about the personal lives of waiters at the Downtown Aquarium. on CNBC Star: Beyoncé’s BFF and Destiny’s Child original member Kelly Rowland Concept: Rowland and choreographer Frank Gatson hope to mold a few talented singers into the next big girl group. Inspired By: Airing since 2009, this show followed the success of another TLC show, Potential Spinoff: Maybe a dating show for Will in 20 years, in which contestants have to win over his skeptical sister?

Where to Watch: New episodes for the most recent season ended March 1, but reruns are nearly constant on TLC.

, but his ex-girlfriend Genavieve Boué definitely wasn't.

The Miami beauty, who dated the 37-year-old doctor about a year before his appearance on the reality dating competition, revealed exclusively to that he also stole a kiss on their first date too.

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