Extrme dating

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Despite it being a luxury in the West, it is absolutely essential in Oymyakon and far more effective than any synthetic fibers that a would-be visitor might take with them.

Ever dreamed of a romantic hot air balloon date or a companion to share your particular sense of adventure?

Traditional dinner-and-a-movie dates are getting old. In a world full of Cross Fit junkies and gym selfies, one finds themselves looking for something different, fun and active to do on a date.Many extreme online dating services will even allow you to conduct searches based on the degree of interest or level of skill involved.If you are interested in extreme dating, be certain to be honest about your preferences.Places you can even visit if you're prepared to go to great lengths to get there, or maybe you'd rather marvel at why anyone in their right mind would want to live there.Oymyakon - A remote village in the Sakha Republic, which is in itself situated in that most famous of remote and desolate locations: Siberia.

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