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If you plan to or have already started to breastfeed, many questions will cross your mind.

Do yourself a favor and stick to these essential questions. Use these as a guide when chatting with your lactation consultant.

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The Best for Babes Foundation is the only mainstream nonprofit dedicated to Beating the Breastfeeding Booby Traps(R)—the barriers that prevent millions of moms from achieving their personal breastfeeding goals.

Most moms want to and can breastfeed, they just need the right help to do it!

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The Icreamists shop in London sold breast milk-flavored ice cream for a whopping per serving, due to that special ingredient that came from around 15 women selling their breast milk online.Hit the ground running: Aim for a good latch within an hour of birth—and get a pro (like an IBCLC) to help you.Your baby is programmed to go from birth to the boob, both for comfort and colostrum—so weighing, tests, and relatives can wait.Your loved ones are always brilliant to lean on as they know you best.I wish we had been better prepared.''There is a tendency within some antenatal organisations to over-romanticise breastfeeding,' says lactation consultant Katherine Fisher.'The truth is that, for some women, it's equal to than giving birth.

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