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If you want to make razor-sharp landscape photos in interesting lighting conditions you still need to own and use a quality tripod. No mentally stable individual actually wants to spend money on tripods, so almost everyone (myself included) wanders expensively down the well-worn path of purchasing a cheap tripod, followed by a less cheap tripod, then replaced with a mildly good tripod until one day they fork out for an 'expensive' top-quality tripod.

Posted by Todd Sisson Sarah rocks out a tripod at sunset - yet another example of a sexy woman making an arduous task look like fun... In all, there are 8 calendars I found to share with you here.While these calendars can be huge fundraisers, producing these calendars must be A LOT of work!The island’s Maho Beach is a popular spot for tourists to gather for the nail-biting thrill of low-flying planes nearly skimming beach-goers as they descend on the runway.There are “danger” signs posted up on the fence outside the airport warning tourists of the jet blast and standing too close to the fence.

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