Rain and hyori dating

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Singer Rain talked about how Lee Hyori is very charming and is able to attract guys.He had said that during his appearance on MBC ‘Come To Play’ aired on 17th May.She debuted as a member of the successful pop girl group Fin.In 2006, she was the highest-paid female singer in South Korea when she signed a contract with Mnet Media.

Even though it was not on purpose, Lee Hyori noona has the ability to attract men.” With that Lee Hyori asked, “Have you thought of me as someone of the opposite tender?

She revealed, “When I dated my ex-boyfriend, I clung onto him a lot, but he once asked me, ‘Don’t you have any of your own interests?

’” The audience was surprised at the news; they were in disbelief that the Queen of K-Pop could have been treated like that by her boyfriend.

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